Work Packages

Lead Beneficiary: WBU

WP1 – Management

Start Month: 1 End Month: 36

WBU as the main coordinator is responsible for efficient project coordination, however, it is necessary to have a good will, communication and joint responsibility of all other partners to realize in time all project activities. Partners will actively participate in all meetings and activities as well provide the supporting documentation in a timely manner.

Lead Beneficiary: LU

WP 2. Preparation

Start Month: 1 End Month: 3

During the preparation phase, the main activities will consist on reviewing and reporting the situation of Quality Assurance Mechanisms, structures and the state of art regarding university recognitions abroad for both Albanian and Kosovo partners including ….

Lead Beneficiary: U_POLIS and co-led by UIBM

WP 3 – Establishment/Enhancement of Internal Quality Assurance Units/Offices

Start Month: 1 End Month: 3

During this WP, WBU as a newcomer will establish the Internal Quality Assurance Unit whereas LU, UIBM, U_POLIS and IBCM will enhance/modernize their existing QA offices by updating their QA-related mechanisms and strategies. This WP includes establishment/enhancement of QA Offices/Units both structurally and functionally.

Lead Beneficiary: ISSBS

WP 4 – Engagement Model of Relevant Stakeholders

Start Month: 5 End Month: 16

This WP includes sharing of knowledge, training and workshops with different stakeholders by organizing study visits to EU partners to learn best practices on HEI QA mechanisms and structures and also staff training for both academic and administrative staff (4 planned in total). Moreover, this WP includes student training, which is an important added value for the impact QA-SURE project will have.

Lead Beneficiary: SEEU and co-led by Polis University

WP 5 – Internationalization as a tool for Quality Enhancement

Start Month: 12 End Month: 20

Internationalization has a significant role in quality enhancement in Higher Education (HE). Its main role is in strengthening institutions in their efforts to meet standards and expectations in promoting institutional reputation, improving academic standards, encouraging continuous improvement, and fostering accountability.

Lead Beneficiary: UIMB

WP6: Quality of the project implementation

Start Month: 1 End Month: 24

WP6 is dedicated to quality assurance of the project and will be led by UIBM and co-led by SEEU. The Quality Assurance Board (QAB) will be established by the start of the project in order to ensure the timely coordination and start of the activities between partners. It will ensure the overall quality management of the project in terms of coordination and strategic leadership to the project implementation partners. Internal and external mechanisms for QA will be developed and checked through this WP.

Lead Beneficiary: IBC-M

WP7 Dissemination

Start Month: 1 End Month: 24

WP7 is related to dissemination and visibility of the project and aims to gather key stakeholders and ensure that all project outputs and results are transferred outside the partnership, disseminated and used in the most effective way. This WP is led by IBCM and co-led by WBU, where IBCM in addition to having its leader role and based on the previous experiences related to Erasmus+ project, they will transfer this knowledge to WBU by checking and realizing all activities in collaboration with each other.

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