Workshop @Luarasi University

🌟 Special Event at Luarasi University! 🌟

Today marked an important step towards improving the quality of higher education with the organization of a Workshop under the Erasmus+ project, QA-SURE. In collaboration with significant universities from the Western Balkans region, we are committed to building bridges of cooperation and sharing knowledge to ensure a brighter future for our academic community.

🔍 The workshop brought to attention the results of three surveys completed by our community of students, academic, and administrative staff, as well as partners from the private sector, offering a broad perspective on expectations and challenges in the labor market.

💡 It was an excellent opportunity to share findings and discuss concrete steps to improve the quality of education and ensure a better alignment with the needs of the labor market.

🤝 The participation of representatives from all stakeholder groups ensured a lively and fruitful dialogue, further deepening the partnership between academia and the private sector.

We are committed to applying valuable lessons from this workshop and continuing to positively impact the development of higher education.

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