WP 7 – Dissemination

Start Month: 1 End Month: 24

Lead Beneficiary: IBC-M

WP7 is related to dissemination and visibility of the project and aims to gather key stakeholders and ensure that all project outputs and results are transferred outside the partnership, disseminated and used in the most effective way. This WP is led by IBCM and co-led by WBU, where IBCM in addition to having its leader role and based on the previous experiences related to Erasmus+ project, they will transfer this knowledge to WBU by checking and realizing all activities in collaboration with each other. In order to achieve such objectives, transparent instruments of communication will be used, as well as adequate and timely inclusion of targeted audiences for the project. All will be integrated in the Dissemination and Communication Strategy, ensuring a smooth roll out of key messages, while synchronizing targeted outreach with project implementation milestones. A variety of communication tools will be used for measuring communication and awareness raising effectiveness. In order to ensure cohesive delivery of project outputs and results, internal communication activities will be performed concurrent to the external ones.

Planned activities for promotion purposes are as follows:

  • Preparation of Dissemination and Communication Plan/Strategy
  • Design of the visual identity of the project, design, and development of the project website and social network pages for promotion
  • Promotional materials and other channels
  • Organization of Final Conference and dissemination of the project results

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