WP 6 – Quality of the project implementation

Start Month: 1 End Month: 24

Lead Beneficiary: UIMB

WP6 is dedicated to quality assurance of the project and will be led by UIBM and co-led by SEEU. The Quality Assurance Board (QAB) will be established by the start of the project in order to ensure the timely coordination and start of the activities between partners. It will ensure the overall quality management of the project in terms of coordination and strategic leadership to the project implementation partners. Internal and external mechanisms for QA will be developed and checked through this WP. UIBM in collaboration with SEEU will develop a Quality Monitoring Plan for the whole duration of the project. The monitoring plan will be endorsed by the QAB and will be notified to all partners in order to catch up with this plan. The monitoring plan will include (i) the revised/contextualized logical framework matrix with a table of Indicators; Data Source; Data collection methodology; and the Responsible Partner(s); (ii) an Indicator Tracking Table (ITT) which will track the progress of achievement based on the indicator measurement Target Vs. Achieved ones. The internal monitoring process will be conducted quarterly under the supervision of the UIBM. The evaluation report will provide useful insights to impact. In order to ensure the quality of the project implementation, a quality plan will guarantee the following activities:

  • Establishing the Quality Assurance Board (QAB)
  • Development of the Quality Assurance Plan
  • Conducting evaluation forms about the activities and feedback analysis
  • Determining Mechanisms for Internal and External Quality Assurance

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