WP 1 – Management

Start Month: 1 End Month: 36

Lead Beneficiary: WBU

WBU as the main coordinator is responsible for efficient project coordination, however, it is necessary to have a good will, communication and joint responsibility of all other partners to realize in time all project activities. Partners will actively participate in all meetings and activities as well provide the supporting documentation in a timely manner. Project management and coordination will be focused on the project progress regarding expenditure, use of resources, implementation of activities, delivery of results and outcomes and the management of risks.

In order to achieve the wide and specific objectives of the project, the project team will systematically collect, analyze and use relevant information about project progress. Systematic reviews and control will ensure the possibility to reflect on the progress of the project and the content of progress reports in case any problem occurs. Continuous communication is the most critical factor for efficient and effective leadership. Project partners share in a timely manner the required inputs and supporting documentation for the draft of the monitoring reports and the successful development of the external audit procedure. In each meeting related to project management, each partner provides information on the state of art of project implementation at their organization in line with planned activities. A detailed project management plan will be prepared during the first months of the project. 

The objectives of WP1 are:

  • Organization of Kick off Meeting and other annual coordination meetings
  • Selection of Project Management Board (PMB) and Project Quality Assurance Board (PQB) members
  • Preparation of Project Coordination Handbook
  • Preparation of Progress and Final Reports
  • Financial management throughout the whole project period
  • Realization of project coordination and management through diverse means


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