WP 3 – Establishment/Enhancement of Internal Quality Assurance Units/Offices

Start Month: 1 End Month: 3

Lead Beneficiary: U_POLIS and co-led by UIBM

During this WP, WBU as a newcomer will establish the Internal Quality Assurance Unit whereas LU, UIBM, U_POLIS and IBCM will enhance/modernize their existing QA offices by updating their QA-related mechanisms and strategies. This WP includes establishment/enhancement of QA Offices/Units both structurally and functionally. QA manuals, Action and Sustainability Plans and QA strategies will be developed and implemented at each respective partner country HEI. This WP is related to increasing infrastructure at WB HEIs and also updating the existing QA-related mechanisms at the respective universities. In this WP, WBU as a new university, will establish with high quality standards its Internal Quality Assurance Unit and other quality-related mechanisms and structures, whereas LU, UIBM and IBCM will enhance/modernize their existing QA offices or units by updating their strategies, developing their action and sustainability plans etc.

  • Establishment/Enhancement of Internal Quality Assurance Offices/Units
  • Development of Quality Assurance Strategies; Action Plans; Job descriptions etc
  • University strategies for QA development will be elaborated and adopted at each partner institution
  • QA manuals modernized at each partner university involved in the project;
  • Action plans for further QA consolidation;
  • Purchase of equipment for performing all the expected activities

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